Piotr Dumania, Ph.D.

 Ph.D. Piotr Dumania
acting Director

phone: +48-22-5487-815, +48-22-5487-880
fax: +48-22-5487882

Janusz Kaniewski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

 Ph.D., D.Sc. Janusz Kaniewski
Vice-Director for Research and Development

phone: +48-22-5487-930, +48-22-5487-848

Zbigniew Poznanski, M.Sc.

 M.Sc. Zbigniew Poznanski
Vice-Director for Economic-Financial and Technical Affairs

phone: +48-22-5487-800
fax: +48-22-8470631

Piotr Guzdek, Ph.D.

 Ph.D. Piotr Guzdek
Vice-Director for Division in Krakow

phone: +48-12-6563144 ext. 221

Wojciech Maj, M.Sc.

 M.Sc. Wojciech Maj
Vice-Director for PREDOM Division

phone: +48-22-8465431 ext. 314