» Electric measurements

Measurements of C(V) characteristics of MOS structures (SSM)

Characterization of the semiconductor-dielectric interface and the semiconductor surface on the basis of analysis of the C(V) characteristic of MOS capacitor or Schottky diode. Investigation of the NBTI properties of investigated devices.

Measurements of electrical parameters (Agilent B1500)

Characterization of the semiconductor-dielectric interface and the semiconductor surface features on the basis of measurement results of I(V) and C(V,f,T) characteristics of MOS capacitor, Schottky diode and other semiconductor structures.

Measurements of electrical parameters (Agilent 4294A)

Characterization of the semiconductor-dielectric interface quality by determination of energy distributions of traps density Dit(ET), time constants t(ET), cross-sections for capture σ(ET) and fluctuations of the semiconductor surface potential σφ(ET) on the basis of C(V) and Gp/ω(ω) characteristics.

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» Optical measurements

Ellipsometric measurements (VASE, J.A. Woollam)

Optical investigations of the materials surface condition and measurements of thickness of particular layers in multi-layered structures.

Ellipsometric measurements VUV (Horriba Jobin-Yvon)

Determination of the thicknesses and optical properties for multi-layered structures. Investigation of the electronic transitions for majority types of semiconductor and dielectric layers. Band-gap determination for high-k dielectrics.

Spectroscopic measurements (Shimadzu 3600)

Spectroscopic measurements of the transmission and reflection in ultraviolet, visible light and near-infrared (UV-VIS-NIR) regimes for both: in solids and in the liquids.

Raman spectroscopy (MonoVista)

Analysis of the spectra and Raman shifts in order to determine mechanical stress distributions in the investigated structures and identification of some chemical particles appearing in particular layers of the structure as well as determination of temperature distributions in working semiconductor devices.

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» Photo-electric measurements

Photoelectric measurements (LPT)

Measurements of the electric parameters of the nanoelectronic structures using electrical and photoelectric methods (also by a modulated light beam).

Photoelectric measurements (USBF)

Implementation of a wide range of different electrical and photoelectric measurement techniques (including original methods worked out in our laboratory). System allows to measure several electric parameters and to determine of the band diagram of the investigated structures.

Photoelectric measurements (WSBF)

Photoelectric measurements of interface quality in MOS structure on the basis of determination of fundamental electrical and physical parameters

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