1. Deve­lop­ment and testing of tech­no­lo­gi­cal pro­ces­ses for:
  • thick-film hybrid micro­cir­cu­its,
  • spe­cia­li­sed cera­mic mate­rials for elec­tro­nic appli­ca­tions (pas­sive ele­ments, sen­sors, resi­stors, elec­tro­des, solid oxide fuel cells),
  • poly­mer nano- and micro­com­po­si­tes and their appli­ca­tions (heating lay­ers, elec­tro­lu­mi­ne­scent lay­ers, tem­pe­ra­ture, pres­sure and gas sen­sors, resi­stive lay­ers, intel­li­gent mul­ti­func­tio­nal com­po­nents),
  1. Deve­lop­ment, design and manu­fac­ture of hybrid cir­cu­its applied in medi­cal equ­ip­ment, auto­mo­tive, ener­go­elec­tro­nic, pho­to­vol­taic and other devi­ces.
  2. Deve­lop­ment of SMT pro­ces­ses with leadless sol­de­ring tech­no­logy.
  3. Deve­lop­ment of manu­fac­ture tech­no­logy of mul­ti­layer LTCC (low tem­pe­ra­ture cofi­red cera­mic) struc­tu­res.
  4. Deve­lop­ment of manu­fac­ture tech­no­logy of heating lay­ers depo­si­ted on cera­mic, metal and poly­me­ric sub­stra­tes.
  5. Manu­fac­ture on custo­mer demands pro­to­ty­pes and low volume pro­duc­tion of spe­cia­li­zed hybrid cir­cu­its, sen­sors, linear and non­li­near resi­stors, heaters, elec­tro­lu­mi­ne­scent foils, inver­ters, bat­tery charge regu­la­tors, auto­no­mous pho­to­vol­taic sys­tems.