Electrical and photoelectric measurements laboratory

The laboratory performs measurements of the C(VG), I(VG) and G(VG) characteristics of semiconductor structures with ultimate sensitivity and resolution of 0.1 fA / 0.5 μV. This is primarily done using the Agilent B1500A semiconductor device...
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Examples of our FIB applications
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Optical measurements laboratory

The laboratory performs investigations which rely on the methods of spectroscopic ellipsometry, interferometry, reflectometry and Raman spectroscopy. These methods are used, among others, to determine the thickness and optical characteristics of...
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Examples of our SEM applications
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Examples of our TEM investigations
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The offer of high tech services complex electrical sample analysis

1. Nanoelectronic device interface traps and surface properties mapping
2. Identification of the electrical equivalent circuit of the nanostructure and interfaces by means of admittance spectroscopy
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The offer of high tech services complex optical and photoelectric sample analysis

1. Ellipsometric characterization of samples in the vacuum UV range
2. Determination of MIS systems band diagrams using unique photoelectric methods
3. Determination of nanostructures chemical composition, temperature, stress, etc.
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Our offer inc­lu­des mate­rial and instru­ment ana­ly­zes car­ried out using TEM, SEM and scan­ning ion micro­scopy tech­ni­ques as well as micro- and nano­pro­ces­sing using FIB tech­ni­ques to modify or cha­rac­te­rize mate­rials and instru­ments.

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