Design of automated measurement system dedicated to NI LabVIEW environment

This offer covers design of fully automated measurement system basing on remotely controlled test equipment and additionally developed hardware.
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Design of data acquisition and control system based on the BMS network

This offer covers design of distributed control and data acquisition system, which is based on the Building Management System network compliant with LonWorks standard from Echelon corp.
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Development of Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC)

This offer covers full process of design, preparation for manufacturing and testing of the Application Specific Integrated Circuit.
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Development of the Process Design Kit for EDA-CAD tools form Cadence Design Systems and Synopsys.

This offer concerns development, modification or update of the Process Design Kit supporting EDA-CAD tools from CDS and Synopsys.
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The multi-channel, low-noise integrated readout amplifier for low-frequency small signal voltage sources

This offer concerns fully silicon-proven design of the low-noise, multi-channel readout amplifier dedicated to sources of very small, low-frequency voltage signals - several classes of detectors, medical diagnostics. Proposed solution can successfull
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