About us

Depart­ment of Micro- and Nano­tech­no­logy of Wide Band­gap Semi­con­duc­tors

The rese­arch con­duc­ted at the Depart­ment aims at the imple­men­ta­tion of inno­va­tive tech­no­lo­gi­cal solu­tions used to deve­lop new devi­ces and sub­as­sem­blies based on wide band gap semi­con­duc­tors. We are active in the fol­lo­wing rese­arch areas:


Owing to its out­stan­ding pro­per­ties GaN is chan­ging the face of high fre­qu­ency elec­tro­nics. We are stu­dy­ing the rela­tion­ships between struc­tu­ral and trans­port pro­per­ties of GaN-based HEMT struc­tu­res, inve­sti­ga­ting the mecha­ni­sms rela­ted to ohmic and Schot­tky con­tact for­ma­tion, nano­scale pro­ces­sing, doping by ion implan­ta­tion, device ther­mal sta­bi­lity. This know­ledge is fur­ther deve­lo­ped in the inte­gra­tion of struc­tu­res into devi­ces, MMIC cir­cu­its and sys­tems for high fre­qu­ency, high power and sen­sing.


Binary oxide semi­con­duc­tors, amor­phous oxide semi­con­duc­tors and trans­pa­rent con­duc­ting oxi­des are used for trans­pa­rent and fle­xi­ble elec­tro­nics, energy harve­sting and sto­rage devi­ces, as well as gas and bio­che­mi­cal sen­sors inc­lu­ding lab-on-a-chip auto­no­mous sys­tems for IoT appli­ca­tions. We are explo­ring bulk, sur­face, and inter­face pro­per­ties of ZnO, In-Ga-Zn-O, SnOx, and (Ru,Ir)-Si-O thin film and nano­struc­tu­res.

We are a mul­ti­di­sci­pli­nary team with back­gro­und in elec­tro­nics, phy­sics, che­mi­stry and mate­rials science, as well as useworld-class purpose-build labo­ra­to­ries ena­bling state-of-the-art R&D.

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