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Detectors of ionizing radiation

Silicon PIN detectors, position-sensitive detectors, detector arrays with a p-i-n structure:
  • Epiplanar detectors with an active region up to 120µm thick (exceptionally up to 150µm). The voltage of a fully depleted active region comes to about 12 V. The total thickness of these detectors by standards is 0.5 mm (at the bottom of structure there is thick, non active an n+, layer, heavily doped (resistivity less than 0.01 Ohmcm).
  • Fully depleted planar detectors with an active region thickness ranging from the 300µm up to 700µm.
These detectors are made using the technique of selective diffusion. It is the original method, developed at the ITE and applied for fabricating detectors. This method gives better results than an implantation. Moreover ITE performs extensive R&D works on SOI monolithical pixel detectors of ionising radiation. In such a structure read-out circuitry is in the SOI device layer while sensing diodes are embedded in the handle wafer. Interested institutions and scientists are kindly invited to co-operate.

Detail information: Maciej Wegrzecki, Jacek Marczewski

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