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Manufacturing of thick film conductive and resistive elements (including heaters), hybrid circuits on flat or cylindrical Al2O3 and AlN substrates and multilayer ceramic packages

We offer possibility of design and manufacturing by thick film technology of:
  • electronic hybrid circuits,
  • conductive and resistive elements,
  • heaters in two temperature ranges – up to 400°C and up to 850°C on flat and cylindrical Al2O3 and AlN substrates and on enameled steel substrates,
  • multilayer ceramic packages for semiconductor devices.
Our products are manufactured using materials of renowned companies, such as: DuPont, ElectroScience Laboratory, CeramTec, Kyocera, etc. We are equipped with the compete technological line enabling design of circuits, design and manufacturing of screens, printing and firing of the layers and control measurements.

The offered technology is recommended especially for untypical design solutions and low-scale production. We can easily adjust to client requirements concerning size, electrical and mechanical properties of a product.

Basic parameters of thick film structures:

  • resistance range 0.1Ω to 1 TΩ,
  • resistance tolerance ±10%, ±5%, ±1%,
  • TCR – standard value +/-50 ppm/K
  • resolution for conductive paths: 150 µm,
  • possibility of manufacturing multilayer structures.