Structure and system design

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Mask fabrication

  • Pattern designs and co-operation with clients assisting in pattern designing for not complicated semiconductor and micromechanics instruments.
  • Manufacturing of chrome and photographic masks for semiconductor technology and other applications requiring high pattern precision and resolution. It is possible to use CD Bias (spot size correction) for increasing or decreasing structure sizes (comparing to the original design) independently for x and y axis (in ±10μm range).
  • We produce chrome photomasks at maximum size 8x8 inch. Standard sizes are 4x4 and 5x5 inches at minimum feature size 1.5µm (optionally 0.8µm).
  • Depending on type of mask, individual requirements of clients, complexity of design, critical dimension, repeatability of unit etc., masks can be fabricated using the Electromask system or the DWL200 one.
  • It is possible to develop patterns on various substrates: silicon, glass, film or any photosensitive type plate (maximum plate dimensions 200x200x5mm) using Direct Writing Lithography. Alignment accuracy is 275nm in both axes to previous pattern layer.
Contact: Piotr Grabiec Andrzej Sierakowski

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