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Technology of polymeric microcomposites assigned for manufacturing of specialized resistive components

Polymer resistive microcomposites are performed by placing of reduced in size filler (black carbon, graphite) or metallic powder (Ag, Cu, Fe etc) in polymer matrix. Basing on the above polymeric microcomposites the following components can be manufactured:
  • The resistive elements of layer potentiometers,
  • The resistive elements of hybrid potentiometers,
  • The resistive sensors of force and pressure,
  • The XYZ potentiometers,
  • The layers heaters with controlled value of TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance)
  • Selfregulated heating layer,
  • Multifuse,
  • Electrode layers,
  • Antistatic layers,
  • Hybrid metallic layers on microcomposite substrate.
Basic technical parameters of layers:
  • Resistance of layers with carbon filler: 50 Ω/‪ - 1 MΩ/‪
  • Resistance of layers with silver filler: 50 mΩ/‪ - 10 Ω/‪
  • TCR: from 100 ppm/K up to 1000 ppm/K
  • Maximal electrical load of layers: 30 W/dm2

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