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Development of special materials based on ceramics and glass

We offer possibility of development of compositions and carrying out synthesis and sintering of ceramic materials with wide range of electrical parameters, in particular:
  • dielectrics with high dielectric permittivity,
  • thermistor materials,
  • conductive materials with catalytic properties e.g. for electrodes of solid oxide fuel cells, oxygen sensors, etc.
We have to our disposal the following technological and research equipment:
  • ball-mills,
  • presses,
  • furnaces for synthesis of powders and sintering of ceramics at temperatures up to 1700°C in air and in protective atmospheres (nitrogen, argon),
  • heating microscope for determining characteristic temperatures of materials in the range 20- 1500°C – softening and melting points, sintering temperature range, wettability, etc.,
  • high temperature chamber for electrical measurements in the temperature range 20 - 1100°C.

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