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Design of data acquisition and control system based on the BMS network

This offer covers design of the entire distributed control and data acquisition system, which is based on the Building Management System network compliant with LonWorks standard form Echelon corp. Such a system can be utilized for gathering the data provided by numerous sensors distributed among building structure or for remote control of any devices. The solutions proposed by Echelon offer high level of EMI immunity, ability of mixing different network topologies and the large maximum lengths of the network segments. Besides, the decentralized network architecture (lack of the master – controller node) minimizes the effects of potential failures.
The offer covers:
  • Design of the complete devices – network nodes according to the customer specification. The network node is a device connected to the BMS network, identified by its unique network ID. The network node can incorporate the data acquisition (sensor) or actuator (motor driver, relay) functionalities. Design includes the electrical schematic of the device, the PCB fitting to one of the standard waterproof enclosures, the embedded software for Neuron Smart Transceiver and for an auxiliary microcontroller, if needed by the application.
  • Implementation of IoT solutions providing remote access to the network via dedicated www interface. The database support also possible.



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