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Development of the Process Design Kit for EDA-CAD tools form Cadence Design Systems and Synopsys.

Mentioned offer addresses the need of development or enhancement of the project design kit for an silicon process. We offer development of the entire PDK structure, or its selected components, or modification and update of already developed software, needed as a result of process parameter change. In addition, in cooperation with Division of Silicon Microsystems and Nanostructure technology, the process control monitoring structures can be developed for customer process aiming at its characterization.
Our offer concerns following components of the PDK dedicated for the EDA-CAD tools from Cadence Design Systems:
  • Technology file and Display Resource File for Virtuoso-XL®. Development of the technology library, layout import and export (CIF, GDSII) control files, templates for user account configuration ;
  • Library of analog models (Spectre ®) definition files for Analog Environment ® and Corner Tool;
  • Rule files for layout verification Diva ® i Assura ® ;
  • Rule file and control files for parasitic extracion Assura-RCX;
  • Additional rules (technology layers generation) for – Assura;
  • Development of standard cells with all necessary views for place & route tools - Encounter® family.
We also offer development of the libraries and control files for synthesis tools from Synopsys.



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