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Computer modelling and simulation of MEMS structures

Division of Silicon Microsystem and Nanostructure Technology is equipped with a set of TCAD (Technology Computer Aided Design) packages for integrated modeling and simulation.
  • CoventorWare is a versatile tool for integrated multi-domain design, modeling and simulation on various levels of abstraction. This system consists of modules allowing for simulations of microstructures using the behavioral or/and 3D models. CoventorWare includes electrostatic, mechanical, thermomechanical, piezoelectric/piezoresistive issues and allows for simulations of integrated optics. Moreover microfluidic and “MEMS-package integration” models are available.
  • Semulator3D/Etch3D is a tool for emulation of the technological processes (virtual prototyping). The result of simulation – 3D realistic model, takes into account all aspects of the simulation (e.g. chemical, plasma etchings etc.).
  • Matlab/Simulink is a high-level technical computing language usedfor data visualization, data analysis, and numeric computation. The most important feature of Matlab/Simulink package developed at ITE is its integration with CoventorWare. This integration allows for co-simulation of MEMS devices and control unit simultaneously
  • Silvaco tools (Athena, Atlas) are designed for numerical simulation of the 2-D semiconductor technology/processes and semiconductor devices.
  • Silvaco tools ISE TCAD (DIOS, DESSIS) are designed for numerical simulation of the 3-D semiconductor technology/processes and semiconductor devices.
Contact: Daniel Tomaszewski, Paweł Janus, Tomasz Bieniek

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